Y.A., Research Associate – “Maxine Horne offered a trial version of her coaching in a group for women in academics, and I was lucky enough to be able to participate in one of her sessions. Her scheduling was immediate and professional. Throughout the scheduled hour, she kept the conversation on track and on time, so our time together was not wasted. After we chose a topic to work on during the hour, she lead our conversation in a way that helped me identify obstacles to performing to my potential, and helped me develop an action plan, controls and rewards to keep me on track. Throughout the conversation, she was professional and motivational, and I was at ease throughout the session. I’m happy to say that I was able to stick to that plan and succeed in my endeavour. I look forward to hopefully being coached by her again, and highly recommend her wonderful coaching service.”

Virginie, Research fellow – “I did coaching with Maxine and it has been very helpful in creating new habits in order to be able to accomplish my different projects (not all academic). There were simple changes that were easy to implement, but very efficient in terms of results.”

Kristina “As a PhD student facing a long-term research project I had challenging times with my time management and motivation. Rather than giving me short-term tips, Maxine was asking me many questions and letting me find the answers, she was a guidance that I needed to continue with my work. She helped me in observing the problem from many different angles, even if I would face the wall and say “I don’t know”, she would gently spin me in another direction, until I was able to see a solution in front of me. Her method gave me confidence in myself, knowledge that I am the person who can find resolution. But, in times of feeling lost, it is good to have a coach like Maxine next to you!”