Coaching is support for self directed learning. A coach believes that the coachee has the capacity to find their own answers, a coach’s job is to create a space and a structure where good thinking and learning can happen.

It’s not therapy, although it can feel therapeutic. It’s about setting goals and intentions for the future rather than looking to the past for answers.
It’s not mentoring, a coach is employed, not for their subject knowledge, but for their ability to offer a process.

The coaching space is completely confidential (unless the coachee reveals something that a person is a risk or activity that needs reporting to the police). The coachee is control of the time and can choose where to put their focus.

I’m currently working with women in academia to help them negotiate how they want to engage with their environment. I offer Skype and phone coaching. I am an RD1st/CAW Accredited Coach and I am currently collecting experience to enable me to apply for membership of the Association for Coaching.

Maxine works to the code of ethics published by the Association for Coaching.